Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Webcenter Capture: Exporting and Importing the Workspace Configuration

The exportWorkspace command allows you to output an entire workspace's configuration, including its definition, profiles, jobs, and scripts, to an XML file.
The importWorkspace command allows you to import an entire workspace, including its configuration (profiles, jobs, and scripts) and data (images, documents, and metadata) from an XML file created using the exportWorkspace WLST command.

To export a workspace to an XML file:
1. Invoke the wlst script wlst.cmd located in

2. Connect to the Oracle WebLogic Server managed server (default port 16400) on which the Oracle WebCenter Capture application is deployed
connect('weblogic', 'welcome1', 'localhost:16400')

3. Identify the workspace by its ID.

4. Use the export command to act on the specified workspace, where "1" is the workspace ID identified in step 3.

To import a workspace from an XML file:
To import the workspace's configuration to a different environment:

For more WLST commands related to Capture, please check the link below:

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