Thursday, December 5, 2013

UCM: Oracle WebCenter Content Server Startup

The startup process contains five steps and takes place in two locations: Oracle WebLogic Server (step 1) and Oracle WebCenter Content Server (steps 2–5). Important Content Server files are as follows:

• intradoc.cfg
   - The intradoc.cfg file is a configuration file that contains the settings for Content Server services, applets, and utilities.
   - It is used to define system variables for Content Server, including directory, Internet and refinery settings, as well as server services, applets, and utilities.
   - Some variables can be set using Content Server’s System Properties utility.
   - <IntradocDir>/bin

• config.cfg
   - The config.cfg file defines the system configuration variables.
   - It is used to define global variables and configuration settings for Content Server.
   - Many of these variables can be set using Content Server’s System Properties utility or the Admin Server’s General Configuration page.
   - <IntradocDir>/config

• idccs_components.hda
   - The idccs_components.hda file identifies all installed custom components that have been added to the Content Server system.
   - This is the file that is read last in step 4 of the startup process.
   - If no custom components are enabled in the system, this file will not have any entries. In this case, the Content Server startup is complete after step 4, and step 5 is obsolete.
   - Step 5 is executed only if one or more custom components are enabled.
   - <IntradocDir>/data/components
<IntradocDir>: C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\base_domain\ucm\cs

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